Useful Tips

Here are a useful tips in case you will suffer an car accident

  • Note the name and address of all the parties involved in the accident as well as any witnesses
  • Request a copy of the official report from the Italian authorities.
  • Also, read carefully any documents that you are asked to sign by the carabinieri or any other individual or authority.
  • Do not feel pressured to sign, you do have a right to refuse

Below are some numbers which can be very useful to you if in the event of a motor vehicle accident in Italy:


Emergency Police Help Number (Also includes the ambulance and fire):

Fire Department:

Medical Emergencies:

Road Assistance (A.C.I) (Italian Automobile Club):

Telephone directory assistance number:

Always try calling the Emergency Police Help Number first, and if there is no response, then proceed to calling the Carabinieri.